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Section 1 The Barangay Chapter is the smallest unit of the Association.

Section 2 It shall composed of members within the Barangay and shall only form and exist if permitted by the District/Municipal Chapter.

Section 3 The Barangay Chapter shall have no Legislative authority but purely Executive and shall be under the supervision of the District/Municipal Chapter.

Section 4 The Officers of the the Barangay Chapter shall be as follows:

2. President
3. Vice President
4. Secretary
5. Treasurer
6. Auditor
7. Business Manager
8. Public Information Officer
9. Sgt. At Arms

Section 5. Duties of the Officers of the Barangay Chapter:

A. Chapter President

1. He/She will be the Chief Executive of the Chapter
2. Presides over all assemblies & meetings of the Chapter
3. Represent the association in all functions
4. He/She serves as member of the Municipal/District Council in his capacity as Chapter president of the Barangay chapter
5. Direct the overall activities of the association under his chapter

B. Vice President

1. He/She shall perform the duties of the President in case of his absence
2. He/She serves as the Chairman of the Membership & Promotion Committee of the Barangay chapter
3. Perform all other functions as maybe assigned to him from time to time.

C. Secretary

1. He/She shall keep a complete record or list of all members and maintain a correct record of all minutes of the meeting of the chapter.
2. He/She shall give notice to all meetings called
3. He/She perform all other functions as assigned to him from time to time.

D. Treasurer

1. He/She shall be the custodian of all funds and properties of the organization and as such shall only release/disburse funds in accordance with the policies of the association.
2. He/She shall give duly audited financial report to the members on a monthly basis.
3. Shall perform all other functions as maybe assigned to him from time to time

E. Auditor

1. He/She shall served as the fund controller of the chapter, as such he/she shall see to it that disbursement of funds shall be in accordance with the generally accepted accounting procedure as embodied in the policies of the association.
2. He/She shall conduct audit, periodic or regular to ensure that the funds of the association is maintained
3. He/She shall advise the Chapter President and the Treasurer on matters pertaining funding of the association
4. Perform such other functions as assigned to him from time to time.

F. Business Manager

1. He/She shall formulate plans that will help the association raise funds for its programs and projects.
2. He serves as the social officer of the barangay chapter
3. He/She shall perform all other functions assigned to him/her from time to time

G. Public Information Officer

1. He/She shall be the spokesman of the Chapter. As such he/she shall see to it that the chapter shall gain positive publicity
2. He/She shall serve as the Liaison officer and shall see to it that all information intended to the members and other related groups or individuals are properly disseminated.
3. Shall perform all other duties assigned to him/her from time to time

F. Sergeant At Arms

1. He/She shall served as the peace officer of the association, as such he/she shall see to it that order shall at all times be observed in all gatherings and proceedings of the association.
2. He/she shall coordinate with other officers in the implementation of such order and shall be knowledgeable of the rules and regulation that governs the association.
3. Shall perform all other functions as assigned to him/her from time to time


Section 1 The Officers of the Association are classified into the following:
A. The National Officers and the Cabinet
A.1 The National Prime Minister
A.2 The 1st & 2nd Senior Deputy Prime Ministers
A.3 The Deputy Prime Ministers for Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao
A.4 The Executive Minister
A.5 The Six Ministers
1. Minister of Finance
2. Minister of Audit
3. Minister of Information
4. Minister of the Judiciary
5. Minister of Membership and Promotions
6. Minister of Allied Services

B. The Guardians House of Doctrines
B.1 The Chairman
B.2 The Vice Chairman
B. 3 The Chief Operations Officer
B.4 The National Director for Membership Development
B.5 The National Director for National Supply Services
B.6 The National Director for Special Program
B.7 The National Director for Legal Affairs

C. The Guardians National Fraternal Commission
C.1 The Chairman
C.2 The Vice Chairman for Administration
C.3 The Vice Chairman for Operation
C.3 The Executive Commissioner
C.4 The Commissioner, Appointment Tribunal
C.5 The Commissioner, Election Tribunal
C.6 The Commissioner, Justice Tribunal
C.7 The Commissioner, Security Tribunal
C.8 The Commissioner, Audit Tribunal

D. The Regional Fraternal Commission:
D.1 The Regional Founder
D.2 The Deputy Regional Founder for Administration
D.3 The Deputy Regional Founder for Operation
D.3 The Chief of Staff
D.4 The ten (10) Assistant Regional Founders

E. The City/Provincial Fraternal Commission:
E.1 The City/Provincial Founder
E.2 Deputy City/Provincial Founder for Administration
E.3 Deputy City/Provincial Founder for Operation
E.3 The Chief of Staff
E.4 Ten (10) Assistant City/Provincial Founders

F. The Municipal/District Chapter Officers:
F.1 The Municipal/District Fraternal Commission ( Judiciary)
F.1.1 The Municipal/District Founder
F.1.2 Deputy District Founder for Administration
F.1.3 Deputy District/Municipal Founder for Operation
F.1.3 District/Municipal Chief of Staff
F.1.4 Ten Assistant District/Municipal Founders

F.2 The Municipal/District Executive Officers
F.2.1 The Chapter President
F.2.2 The Chapter Vice President and Council Presiding Officer
F.2.3 The Chapter Secretary
F.2.4 The Chapter Treasurer
F.2.5 The Chapter Auditor
F.2.6 The Chapter Public Relations Officer
F.2.7 The Chapter Business Manager
F.2.8 The Sergeant At - Arms

F.3 The Municipal/District Legislative Officers:
F.3.1 The Vice President as Presiding Officer
F.3.2 The Floor Leader
F.3.3 The Council Secretary
F.3.4 Council Coordinator
F.3.5 Councilors
F.3.6 Barangay Chapter Presidents if there are any.


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