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GUARDIANS HISTORY ( 1989 TO 2003 ) Empty GUARDIANS HISTORY ( 1989 TO 2003 )

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1989 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Retrospection”. The 2nd GBI XI Regional Convention was held in Casa Luisa, Gen Santos City, on April 10, 1989 purposely to draft the proposed amendment to the old GBI Constitution and By-Laws. The main focus was the conversion of GBI from a military fraternal association to non-government organization (NGO) similar to Jaycees, Lions, Rotary, and the like. A copy of the said draft was personally delivered to FGF Abraham who arrived a day later with a promise to consider it and call for a National Convention.

1990 – 1994 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Stagnation” . The GBI became stagnant in most places while the GCFI grew in number, recruiting members from all walks of life without regard to qualification standards, screening and indoctrination procedures.

- Sometime on May 11, 1991 FGF Abraham called a conference at Sta Ana Fire Station, Davao City, purposely to implement the Constitution and By-Laws of the Triad: DSCB, GBI and GMG, wherein Guardians Philippines Inc. (GPI) later became the umbrella organization without the benefit of SEC approval on the amendments of the original GBI and/or new registration. Those were ultra veres acts of MGF Abraham which were never confirmed by SGFC PATTON and FSGF LAPULAPU, neither ratified by consultative assemblies, nor approved by board resolution of the original incorporators.

- SGF GOYONG and Founder MOLDER became inactive; Libra was promoted Regional Founder to implement the said Triad. It was a dull moment for the members of GBI XI Chapter, except, the Magic Group of Davao City who were appointed Provincial Executive Officers (PEXO) and the alleged Regional Executive Officers (REXO), within a period of four years. Then suddenly, the PEXO installed by Fdr Libra tendered a mass resignation.

- Abraham conferred himself the GBI rank of “Master Founder Godfather” (MFGF).

1995 – 1998 - This period shall be known as the ”Year of Awakening”. FSGF LAPULAPU presided an emergency meeting of GBI XI Chapter attended by GOYONG, MOLDER and LIBRA. Thereafter, a series of consultations were conducted. Then on September 22, 1995 at Vences Hotel, Matina, Davao City, delegates from Davao Oriental, Davao Norte, Davao Sur and Davao City adopted, ratified and approved the Constitution and By-Laws of Guardians Brotherhood Region XI Chapter, Inc., which was subsequently registered with SEC Reg No. DN095-000521 dated September 29, 1995. The incorporators were as follows: (1). Datumana “MG DATU ALI” Dilangalen (2) Gregorio SGF GOYONG” M. Duremdes, (3) Ricardo “FGRF Libra” Go (4) Dionisio “FGRF MOLDER” G. Quieta Jr., (5) Jesus “MG Alpha” Dureza (6) Emilio “SGF JUN” Roa, (7) Elsa “MG Pearl” Valencia, (Cool Arnulfo “SGF KOJAK” p. Gohol, (9) Gil “SGF FOX” Guy-Uyco (10) Herminio “SGF MAHAL” Z. Bagay (11) Florador “SGF Rado” Lopez (12) Romeo “SGF Bronx” B. Coronado (13) Rodrigo “MG CM” R. Duterte (14) Dominador “SGFG Scorpio” Cruda and (15) Timothy :MG Guiding Star” Te.

MGF Abraham was invited on the occasion of its Christmas Party on December 9, 1995 at Shanghai Restaurant r. Magsaysay Avenue, Davao City, and was duly informed of the said development.

- The alleged formation and birth of the National Founders Council sometime on February 23, 1997, as the policy-making body of the illegal GBI whose office and functions were not defined in the original GBI Constitution and By-Laws.

- Sometime on July 29, 1997, the alleged Chairmanship of the GBI was relinquished by MFGF Leborio “Abraham” Jangao Jr. to FGRF Meneleo “Yul” Seron was without legal basis. The former had caused the erasure of his traditional “Diablo Squad” tattoo and replaced it with :JESUS FORCE” tattoo.

- On December 7, 1997, MFGF Abraham issued a Memorandum for the expulsion of FGRF Menelio “Yul” Seron from the organization. He aligned himself with GCFI for personal and political aggrandizement with Senator Gregorio Honasan. On the other hand the alleged National Founders Council made an announcement on Dec 27, 1997 that MFGF Abraham was a persona - non-grata and no longer a part of the GBI.

- On or about January 03, 1998, the alleged NFC Zamboanga City issued the following guidelines: a. All members of GBI shall cease using Guardians Philippines Inc., b. All members of GBI shall revert to the old organizational set up and shall continue to maintain it SEC Reg No. 123899, c. All members of GBI who recognized the leadership of the NFC shall cause the additional marking of letter “B” for BROTHERHOOD on their left hand. A resolution was also passed for the expulsion of MFGF Abraham from GBI for various offenses and was declared the “MFGF NO MORE. Those were ultra veres acts and therefore illegal.

- Senator Gregorio “SGF Gringo” Honasan was personally mark by MFGF Abraham with traditional GBI tattoos in the early part of 1998.

- FSGF LAPULAPU assumed as National President and initiated anew the movement to strengthen GBI, unification of Guardians and finally convened the 1st Guardians Mindanao Assembly at Palace Hotel, Valconcha St., Ozamis City on December 11-12, 1998. It was attended by delegates coming from the different Regions in Mindanao. The Assembly passed and approved the Resolutions that the Constitution and By-Laws of Guardians Brotherhood Region XI Chapter, Inc. be adopted as a Model By-Laws of GBI – Mindanao and the 2nd Guardians Mindanao Assembly be held in Davao City on October 1-2, 1999. Before starting the activity on the following day, a close door conference was called and presided by FSGF LAPULAPU wherein SGF Gringo was endorsed by the National Triumvirate and officially installed as the Interim National Chairman of the Guardians Unification. During the Assembly Proper, MFGF Abraham and seconded by Chairman Gringo moved for the reconsideration of a
resolution earlier approved that the 1st Guardians National Assembly in Davao City be held instead. The said assembly was highlighted with the presence also of the following, namely: SGFC Anastacio “PATTON” Labitad, SGF Billy “Sierra” Bibit, and MG Bishop Nilo “Isaac” Tayag, SGF Ramon “Sphinx” Espino played a vital role in the success of the said activity.

1999 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Integration”. The Guardians Brotherhood Region XI (Model Regional Chapter), particularly Davao City Chapter was tasked to host the 1st National Convention for Guardians Unification held at Green Heights Hotel, Buhangin, Davao City on October 1-2, 1999, attended by more or less 400 delegates from the different regions in Mindanao and a few from Luzon and Visayas areas. Prominent Speakers were the National Triumvirate (PATTON, LAPULAPU, and Abraham), Sen Gregorio “SGF Gringo” Honasan, Cong Rodrigo “MG CM” Duterte and Mayor Benjamin “RMG BCG” De Guzman . The proposed Constitution and By-Laws of the Philippine Guardians, Inc (PGI) drafted by Davao City Chapter was unanimously adopted, ratified and approved by the Convention Delegates. In this particular occasion, Atty. Gregorio “SGF GOYONG” Duremdes was promoted to the Rank of Founder by the National Triumvirate in the presence of Chairman Honasan and said Convention Delegates. Few days later pertinent documents were forwarded to the Chairman but the same were rejected, thru the National Secretariat for Guardians Unification, for subsequent registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

2000 –2001 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Disintegration”. The Interim Chairman hosted another National Convention for Guardians Unification at Videospecs Building, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City on March 18-19, 2000. Records will show that every region was allotted only one voting delegate and the majority are members of the GCFI including the presiding officer. The delegates of said Convention adopted, ratified, and approved the Constitution and By-Laws of Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Inc (PGBI) and was subsequently registered with SEC No. A200008885 in June 26, 2000. It appears that 85% more or less of its provisions were copied from the PGI – version of the Davao City Convention. Under the PGBI, Supremos and Founders will serve as advisers only. Hence, its creation has added the number of break-away factions.

The Incorporators were as follows: Gregorio “Gringo” B. Honasan, Leborio “Abraham” M. Jangao Jr., Atty Rex “Arab” Balagot, Atty Romeo “Sarog” Tayo, Atty Pedro “Pls” Salva, Atty Arthur “Comet” Abundiente, Dr. Pantaleon “Explorer” Crodua, Miguel “Master” Salomon, Isaac “Mel” Padilla, Ernesto “Mao” Macahiya, Steven “Skipper” Martir, Hamid “Amid” Julhani, Mohammad Isa Perfecto, Vergel De Dios Jr., Fernando “Elsewhere” Malamion, and Dionisio “Daniel” Quieta Jr. This is the only Guardians document that Leborio Jangao has signed as Incorporator. However, He has withdrawn support to the PGBI as reflected in his letter dated January 13, 2002. Moreover, Dionisio “Fdr Daniel” Quieta Jr., has also withdrawn his support to the said faction.

- During the second quarter of the year 2000, the Davao City President and the three (3) District Presidents whose only accomplishment was to host the 1st GBI National Convention, the former Provincial Executive Officers of Triad who resigned en masse, the inactive and misguided few who did not know GBI history, customs and tradition, have joined forces to defy and question the role of the Founders’ Group. Unfortunately , they joined the alleged Original GBI Group (Seron faction) whose existence is void from its inception.

- The Moderate Guardians Association, Inc. (MGAI) was registered with SEC registration no. D2001-00513 on May 25, 2001. The incorporators were as follows: Mario G. Austria, Ricardo C. Mendoza, Arturo S. Luy, Rulo T. Tiago, Odelon L. Bangoy Jr., Eustaquio M. Mandariaga, Romeo T. Gerona, Ramon E. Egasan, Alexander N. Totung, Dhaton R. Lipoles, Teofilo P. Gomez III, Elias S. Porras, Pedrito P. Francisco, Manolito T. Estimada, and Romulo C. Espejo.

2002 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Federalization”. SGFC PATTON Labitad called for a Regional Assemb;ly of GBI members in Region X at Cagayan de Oro City on May 4, 2002. FSGF Gil “LAPULAPU” Taojo Jr., and top leaders of GBI Region XI Chapter were invited to attend the Assembly. It was in this particular occasion when LAPULAPU and PATTON were officially installed as “Master Founders” by virtue of a resolution passed and approved by the participants of the said Assembly.

- It was also agreed that GBI XI Chapter will host the 1st Guardians Mindanao Founders’ Summit at Maguindanao Hotel, Claro M Recto St., Davao City on May 26, 2002, with an inspiring theme: “PANAGHIUSANG HUGPONG GUARDIANS MINDANAO PINAAGI SA FEDERALISMO”, The Concept of Federalism was exhaustively presented by MF LAPULAPU, duly deliberated and subsequently voted upon overwhelmingly by the participants (Founders) coming from the different regions in Mindanao, thereby paving the way for Unification of all Factionalized Guardians Organizations throughout the Philippines thru a Federal System of Governance.

- Guardians Brotherhood Region X Chapter, Inc. was registered with SEC No. H20020255 on June 2002. The incorporators were as follows: (1) Alberto”FGGF Phantom” M. Tinoy, (2) Santos “FGRF Panther” J. Uglade Jr., (3) Rogelio “SGF August” C. Cena, (4) Ricardo “RMG Taurus” A. Librado Jr., (5) Trino “RMG Sonz S. Abas, (6) Rodolfo “SGF Salamander” C Balarias (7) Eli “RMG Mac” D. Maneja, (Cool Geronimo “RMG Onie” S. Abejuela, (9) Celerino “Fdr Guava” G. Lago, (10) Reynaldo RMG Rey” E. Daba, (11) Gil “RMG Gil” M. Duremdes (12) Henry “RMG Tata” S. Yu, and 913) Lilia “FSGM Amazona” C. Buala.

2003 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Revelation”. The 2nd GBI National Convention was held in Elena Tower Inn, Tibanga, Iligan City, on April 5, 2003. Indeed, it was a pilgrimage to the Mecca of the Guardians World. Among the highlights of the said festivity were the celebration of the 23rd Anniversary of the GBI Founding Chapter of Iligan City, the adoption of New By-Laws of GBI and the promotion of Suprema Amazona to the Rank of Master Founder. She was the third member of the National Triumvirate and replaces Abraham. In the later part of 2004 MF Amazona was replaced by ALBERTO “MF PHANTOM” M. TINOY.


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