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GUARDIANS HISTORY ( 1976 TO 1988 ) Empty GUARDIANS HISTORY ( 1976 TO 1988 )

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1. Pursuant to Section 3, Article VIII, GBI New By-Laws with Security Exchange Commission Registration No. 123899 dated December 10, 1984, the Guardians history is hereby adopted:


April 1976 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Inscription”, The eleven (11) members of the Diablo Squad was formed in a PC Detachment at Sitio Kidama, Parang, Maguindanao. All were PC soldiers with tattoos on the right upper arm with corresponding number from 1 to 11 namely; C1C Leborio “Abraham” (1) M. Jangao Jr., C1C Ernesto “Alas” (2) P. Torres Jr., C1C Arthur “Percival” (3) F. Camins, C1C Cesar Nolito “Llalcon” (4) E. Alabaren, C1C Alex “Zeus” (5) B. Bonifacio, C1C Cesar “Alvaro” (6) A. Arevalo, C1C Romeo “Brix” (7) E. Gonzales, C1C Alvin “Domino” (Cool S. Salvacion, C1C Margarito “Azul” (9) P. Ejansantos, C1C Jaime “Jerico” (10) I. Bargamento, and C1C Hamid “Krisanto” S. Singa. C1C Leborio “Abraham” Malabon Jangao Jr., was the founder and conferred himself the title “Godfather” (GF). They carry no tattoo marks on their right and left hands at that time. It has no Constitution and By-Laws. In short, it was samahan or barkadahan (gang) and was confined to the Squad members only. There was no originality of conceptualized ideas. They called themselves the “Anitos Diablo Squad”. History should refer to them as the “Honorary Diablo Squad’. Sometime in August 1977, the members of the Honorary Diablo Squad were reassigned to different PC Provincial Commands and PC Striking Force Battalions in Mindanao. Since then, there was no expansion of membership and activities.

1980 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Propagation”. GF Abraham was assigned with Lanao Norte PC Provincial Command located at Tipanoy, Iligan City.

- The Founding Supreme of the Diablo Squad concretized the crusade for Brotherhood by drafting its Constitution and By-Laws, and organized the Founding Chapter of Iligan City. They are as follows:
1. 1LT GIL KIAMCO TAOJO JR. PC –OIC Regional Security Unit (RSU) based in Iligan City, with a Pseudonym “LAPULAPU”.
2. P/LT LILIA CATANE BUALA INP – Station Commander, Linamon Police Force, Lanao Norte, with a pseudonym “AMAZONA”
3. CAPT ANASTACIO GALARITA LABITAD PA – CO, Composite Military Police, MPBde, stationed in Palao, Iligan City with a pseudonym “PATTON”.

GF Abraham formed the Dirty Dozen (actually 14) composed by the following:
1. Eustique “Archilles” (1-1) J. Fuentes, PC
2. Cupertino “Barok” (1-2) Bastasa (Deceased), PC
3. Roberto “Oro” (1-3) Valconcha, PC
4. Philip “Pepe” (1-4) Bahian, PC
5. Orlando “Valiente” (1-5) C. Villabito, PC
6. Ernesto “Servando” (1-6) Bellesas, PC
7. Ernesto “Sta Cruz” (1-7) Metillo (Deceased), PC
8. Yolando “Mercenario” (1-Cool Bordeos, PC
9. Carlito “Aries” (1-9) Calica, PC
10. Willie “Malinche” (1-10) Pueblas, PC
11. Philip “Coronado” (1-11) Esla (Deceased), PC
12. Nepthalie “Napoleon” (1-12) Real, PA
13. Alberto “Phantom” (1-13) Tinoy, INP
14. Elpedio “Carlomagno” (1-14) Seletaria, PN

They were original members of the Founding Chapter of Iligan City and because the hard core of the DIABLO SQUADS, the Crime Busters (DSCB). History should refer to them as the “Original Diablo Squad”

• GF Abraham voluntarily relinquished his position, powers and authority as the over-all head of the DIABLO SQUAD in favor of SGF LAPULAPU.

• LAPULAPU drafted the original Constitution and By-Laws of the Diablo Squad and was subsequently ratified by the members of the Founding Chapter of Iligan City. The alarming expansion of the Association in Iligan City ands nearby provinces prompted BRIG GEN ALFREDO OLANO AFP, Commanding General, Regional Command 12, to exert pressure for the change of name. The former convened as assembly at his residence at Empire Village, Palao, Iligan City on November 16, 1980 and adopted, ratified, approved the Constitution and By-Laws of the Diablo Squads, Crime Busters.

• The “Honorary Magic Five” were adopted as the first civilian members of the Diablo Squad (Magic Group) who were all lawyers in Iligan City, but carry no tattoo marks. Namely: ATTY NICOMEDES PALANGAN, ATTY ROBERTO Z. ALBULARIO JR., ATTY ULYSSES LAGCAO, ATTY ANGEL MENCIAS, and ATTY MELVYN SALISE. It is composed of selected persons coming from the civilian sector who are professionals and known leaders in the community.

1981 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Consolidation”. Sometime on April 1981, the First National Convention of the Diablo Squads, the Crime Busters (DSCB) was held in MSU Iligan Institute of Technology, Iligan City with more or less 500 members in attendance. During this occasion LAPULAPU was conferred the “Founder Supreme Godfather” (FSGF), PATTON was conferred the title “Supreme Godfather Consultant” (SGFC), and Abraham as “Founder Godfather” (FGF). FSGF LAPULAPU commissioned Sgt Malih “Mohammad” Maung PC as a pioneering DSCB organizer at the time were Maj Edwin “Rommel” Vargas PA, Maj Ernesto “Original” Cabading PA (Deceased), and Maj Efren “Nog2” Arayata PC. SPO3 Meneleo “Yul” Seron PNP is just a part of the evolution of the DSCB expansion in the said area.

1982 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Confrontation”. LAPULAPU was reassigned from RSU Iligan City to RSU 12 Headquarters, Camp Parang, Maguindanao. Brig Gen Valerio Perez, AFP warned him to stop the recruitment activities and holding of conference inside the camp. Otherwise, he will be arrested. He hurriedly transferred his family to his hometown in the Municipality of Tagum, Davao del Norte. This was the first harassment made by a top ranking officer of the AFP against leader of the DSCB. The group continued with their expansion activities. They stood pat on their principles and were willing to die for a cause.

1983 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Persecution” LAPULAPU was reassigned to Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Abraham was transferred to Camarines Province, and PATTON was relocated at GHQ, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. Subsequently, persecution against DSCB members in Mindanao started by transferring them to various AFP units in all directions of the archipelago.

- Sometime in the middle part of 1983, the above-mentioned officers met in a canteen at GHQ, Camp Aguinaldo to discuss strategies on how to address the dilemma of the fraternity members. LAPULAPU suggested that one of them should resign from the military service and go back to Mindanao to boast the morale of the persecuted DSCB

- members. There was a moment of silence. Finally, the deepening silence was broken by a firm decision of LAPULAPU to do the offering before the altar of sacrifice for a worthy cause of the Association. It was also agreed that LAPULAPU will spearhead the expansion in Mindanao, while Abraham and PATTON will cover Luzon and Visayas, respectively.

- The First Regional Assembly of the DSCB was held at Marcos Sports Center, Cagayan de Oro City initiated by Sgt Dionisio “Founder Molder” Quieta Jr. It was attended by more or less One Hundred members coming from the different provinces of Region X. PATTON and Abraham were present to grace the occasion, while LAPULAPU was not available.

- This period shall be known as the “Year of the Doom”. A group of later day disciples surreptitiously managed to register DIABLO SQUAD (CB) BROTHERHOOD ASSOCIATION, INC with SEC Registration No. 119564 on March 12, 1984. Only Articles of Incorporation was filed with no Constitution and By-Laws. The Incorporators were as follows: Edwin H. Vargas, Leovigildo Lanto, Mamerto Romero, Jesus Mabalot, Jose Saplan, Jeffrey Horlador, Reuben Roa, Jesus Tani, Jose Regino, Ceferino Bernardo, Elias Enriquez, Salvador Olarte, Jose Manglicmot, Antonio Espiritu and Roman Tigas.

- The DSCB was considered a threat to national security being “An Army within the Army” with more or less 25,000 members from the AFP and INP. It was featured in the national and local newspapers as “EL DIABLO”. Then LT GEN FIDEL VALDEZ RAMOS, AFP engineered the disbandment of the DSCB Association. A Manifesto for the said purpose was signed by Abraham, Patton, Nog2 and Rommel. LAPULAPU came late and was not able to sign the said manifesto. The officers mentioned above hurriedly prepared the Incorporation papers of GUARDIANS BROHERHOOD INCORPORATED (GBI) with SEC Reg No. 123899 on December 10, 1984. Its Constitution and By-Laws was authored by LAPULAPU. Hereunder are the original Incorporators, namely:
1. Anastacio “Patton” G. Labitad (President) 9. Ernesto “Viel” Embalsado
2. Gil “LAPULAPU” K. Taojo Jr. (Vice Pres) 10. Edgardo “Totoy” Palmera (Deceased)
3. Sergio “Moses” Ferrer (Secretary) 11. Catalino “Crame” Herrera Jr.
4. Oscar “Tumagong” Arevalo (Treas/Deceased) 12. Cristobal “Estoy” Estrada
5. Leonides “Eagle” Montehermoso (Deceased) 13. Robert “Robin Hood” Taguinod
6. Rogelio “Atong” Attunaga 14. Elpedio “Carlomagno” Seletaria Jr.
7. Nicano “Barurut” Cagurangan (Deceased) 15.Themistocles “John Bull” Romeo
8. Agustin “Mighthor” Tungcul (Deceased) (Official Marker)

1995 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Revision”. The fraternal activities of GBI shall be administered by a National Triumvirate composed by PATTON – Supreme Godfather Consultant (President), LAPULAPU – Founder Supreme Godfather (Vice President), and Abraham – Master Founder Godfather (Adviser). Please refer to GBI, CBL, Article V, Section 4,5 and 6, respectively. PATTON directed that DSCB members shall have the “GUARDIANS” tattoo on the lateral extremity of the left upper arm just below the shoulder, the additional marking “GM” (Guardians Mindanao), “GV” (Guardians Visayas) and “GL” (Guardians Luzon” shall be tattooed on the superior area in-between the thumb and the point finger of the left hand; and the “GBI Rank/Branch of Service on the right upper arm, and the additional markings on the left and right hands, respectively.

- It was agreed that the Guardians Centre Foundation Inc. (GCFI) shall be created as financial arm of GBI to generate funds and or extend assistance to the members who are financially handicapped and the widows of members who died in combat.

- The first GBI Meeting in Region XI was held at Sta. Ana Fire Station, Davao City sometime in September 1985 presided by FSGF LAPULAPU and attended by the disbanded members of the DSCB with Fdr Molder as the convenor. It was followed by a Provincial Assembly held at Valle Hotel, Tagum, Davao Del Norte, sometime in November 1985 and attended by the National Triumvirate: PATTON, LAPULAPU and Abraham.

1986 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Confusion”. Since February 1986, some misguided elements of the AFP and/or members of GBI (Guardians Luzon) were deployed by RAM SFP YOU led by Col. Gregorio Honasan in a series of coup d’ etat against the administration of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos and President Corazon C. Aquino.

- The GUARDIANS Centre Foundation Inc (GCFI), without prior approval of the GBI hierarchy, was registered with SEC Reg. No. 132118 in 1986, misleading some of its members about the existence of the said GBI and became the first “breakaway group” from the mother fraternal association. The Incorporators were as follows: Gregorio B. Honasan, Rodolfo R. Morit Jr., Nicanor Cagurangan, Rogelio Attunaga, Leonides Montehermoso (Deceased), Oscar Arevalo (Deceased), Agustin Tungcul (deceased), Pedro Vergara, Jose Sugcang Jr., Emmanuel M. Esquijo, Desiderio Calimag, Cristelo R. Ocampo, Herman Malagueño, Redentor Perucho, and Diosdado Espinosa.

- The birth of the GUARDIANS of Democracy organized by a certain Col. Reynaldo “SGF CHALLENGER” Cabauatan PC and GBI members/soldiers who were loyal to President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

- Sometime on August 17, 1986, the 1st GBI XI Regional Convention was held at Vences Hotel, Matina, Davao City. Prominent Speakers were; SGFC PATTON, FSGF LAPULAPU, FGF Abraham, and SGF NOG2. It was attended by more or less 600 members. During that occasion, election was conducted and the following were inducted into office, namely:
SGF Gregorio “GOYONG” Duremdes - Regional Supreme Godfather
FGRF Dionisio “MOLDER” Quieta Jr. - Regional Founder Godfather
GRF Ricardo “Libra” Go - Regional Godfather Commander
MG Mama :Datu Ali” Delangalen - Chairman, Regional Magic Group

- GBI XI Chapter was the first to be organized with a regional structure and governance all over the country under the original Constitution and By-Laws (CBL) of GBI which is a fraternal association.

1987 – 1988 - This period shall be known as the “Year of Devastation”. Some unscrupulous Field Commanders in Mindanao, particularly in the Army Commands, strictly and severely enforced the directives of Gen Rodolfo Biazon, Chief of Staff, AFP, and Col Oswaldo Villanueva PA, former 6ID, PA, Division Commander stationed in Awang Airport, Cotabato city, that non-erasure of GBI markings still mean non-reenlistment in the Regular Force of the AFP.


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