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Section 1 The Meeting, sessions, general assemblies of the different sets and category of the officers as well as members shall de decided by the responsible Bodies themselves by shall be approved by the higher authorities.

Section 2 All officers shall regularly meet ones a month and the General assembly of the membership shall be scheduled ones every Two months.

Section 3 Attendance of all members in case of an assembly is required and all officers in their category is required in all meetings and sessions. However, for the purpose of having quorum to approve all concerns, the equivalent attendee shall be One half minus five (1/2 5) to constitute a quorum.

Section 4 All procedure shall be observed following the Roberts Rule.


Section 1. Standing Committees

a. Committees on Appointments consisting of three (3) members to which committee shall be referred all questions affecting the appointments extended by the Prime Minister to all officers and members thereof.
b. Committee on Membership consisting of three (3) members Headed by the Minister of Membership and Promotions to which committee shall be referred all questions relating to membership in the Association.

c. Committee on Finance & Budget Consisting of three (3) members headed by the Minister of Finance to which committee shall be referred all questions related income, expenditures and deficits of the Association; the bookkeeping system; the effecting of the payment or amounts due to the Association; the financial responsibility of the officers of the Association; the adoption of a policy and recommendation to and from the Guardians Parliament; and in general, all question which may have relation to the finances of the Association.
d. Committee on Audit, Claims and Benefits Consisting of three (3) members headed by the Minister of Audit, to which committee shall be referred all questions relating to the auditing and adjustment of all accounts chargeable against the funds for the expenses and activities of the Association; the acceptance and processing of claims intended for the benefit of members thereof; and in general, the passage of measures for the welfare of the same.

e. Committee on complaints and grievances consisting of three (3) members headed by the Minister of Justice and shall have the powers, functions, and privileges in the investigations of all members brought before the said committee.

f. Committee on Rules and Ethics consisting of three (3) members headed by the Minister of Allied Services , to which committee shall be referred all questions affecting the Rules and Ethics of the officers and the calendar as well as the parliamentary rules and the order and manner of transacting business.

Section 2. Special Committees The Council may form the following Special Committees, with the duties and powers specified there under:

a. Committee on Sports and Physical Fitness consisting of three (3) members, to which committee shall be referred all matters pertaining to sports and physical fitness program of the Association.
b. Committee on Awards and Appreciation consisting of three (3) members, to which committee shall be referred all matters pertaining to giving of awards and appreciation to deserving members, as well as to any person who has extended support or assistance which redounded to the benefit of the Association.

Section 3. Other Committees. The Guardians Parliament may create other committees to undertake a singular task.


Section 1. Funds: The funds of the Association shall be derived from membership fees, monthly dues and special assessments of members, grants, donations or benefits.

Section 2. Retention and Remittances of Collected funds:
a. The respective District/Municipal and or Barangay Chapter shall take charge for the remittances and retention of appropriate shares as stipulated hereunder:

20 % - Barangay Chapter Share
20 % - District Municipal Chapter Share
20 % - City/Provincial Fraternal Commission Share
20 % - Regional Fraternal Commission Share
20 % - National Share

b. In cases of Areas without Barangay Chapters yet, the District/Municipal Chapter will retain the share intended for the Barangay.

Section 2. Municipal/District Chapter Fees and Dues:

a. P 50.00 - Membership Fee ( One Time)
b. 100.00 - Identification Card
c. 50.00 - Marking Fee ( When Due for Marking)
d. 100.00 - Lecturers fee ( One time)
e. 50.00 - Certificate of Membership
f. 200.00 - Guardians wine and other materials during
the indoctrination process
g. 20.00 - Monthly due ( Collected one month)

Section 4 Disbursement/ Withdrawal from the funds of the Association in the Chapter level, whether by check or any other instrument, shall be signed by the Chapter Treasurer countersigned by the Chapter President with prior verification of the Chapter Auditor. Only Disbursement as approved by the Council shall be considered authorized.:

Section 5 Disbursement/Withdrawal of National funds shall be signed by the Minister of Finance and countersigned by the Prime Minister, or in his absence, the Senior Deputy Prime Minister for Administration as recommended by the Deputy Prime Minister of each of the Area ( Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao), with prior verification of the Minister for Audit. Disbursement shall be based on the annual budget as approved by the Guardians Parliament.

Section 6. Fiscal Year The fiscal year of the Association shall be from January 1st to December 31st of each year.


Section 1 Any member or officer other than the officers of the Guardians National Triumvirate whose conduct or activities are contrary to the By-Laws, rules and regulations of the Association shall be subjected to disciplinary action. All administrative complaint shall be filed before the Security Tribunal or the Commissioner, Security Tribunal to be heard and decided by the Head of the Committee on Justice or Commissioner, Justice Tribunal. However, the Guardians National Fraternal Commission is not precluded from constituting a Grievance Committee for the purpose.

Section 2 Any member maybe suspended or expelled under any of the following grounds:

1. Non- Payment of membership fee, annual or monthly dues and other assessment for three (3) consecutive months;
2. Non payment of fines properly imposed upon him/her;
3. Failure despite notice, to attend without sufficient cause as maybe determined by the concerned officer for three (3) consecutive meetings of the association;
4. Other serious infractions or violations of the By-Laws, rules and regulations of the association, after final determination thereof by the disciplinary officers of the association.

Section 3 The following are other grounds or causes for disciplinary action:

1. Neglect of duty
2. irregularity in the performance of duty
3. Misconduct
4. Incompetent
5. Oppression
6. Dishonesty
7. Disloyalty to the association
8. Violation of law as determined by regular courts

Section 4 The following penalties may be imposed upon any erring member or officer:

1. Removal for serious and grave offense.
2. Suspension- for less serious and less grave offense
3. Fine/Admonition/Warning - for light offenses

Section 5 Any complaint against any member or officer shall be made in writing and verified under oath before an officer authorized to administer oath and properly filed pursuant to section1 hereof.

Section 6 The implementing guidelines for the procedures in the investigation and disposition of administrative complaint against officers and members shall be promulgated by the Guardians National Triumvirate through the Guardians National Fraternal Commission.


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